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Art. Nr.: 31006
EAN: 9002683031006

The 10m set is a fully automatic watering system for up to 40 plants. The set is ready for immediate use, it contains all the parts you need to set up your own watering system.

Water is supplied from a tap to which the pressure reducer is attached.

With the Tropf-Blumat accessories, you can easily extend your watering system at any time.

RRP: € 204,9


39 x Tropf-Blumat incl. Drip Tube + T-Piece

1 x Tropf-Blumat incl. Drip Tube + End-Piece

15 metres of 8 mm Feeding Tube, black

1 x Pressure Reducer 1 bar

2 x Hose Union 8-8 mm

2 x Tee 8-8-8 mm

2 x End-Piece 8-3 mm

2 x T-Piece 8-3-8 mm

2 x Elbow 8-8 mm

General Directions for Use in 11 languages (DE, EN, FR, IT, ES, PT, NL, FI, SE, PL, CZ)